There is many types of fear in the world like the fear of dying, the fear of people, the fear of bugs or spiders or water or closed in spaces or sharp things or the dark or eerie noises or being hurt. I guess that the strongest fear a majority of people have is death. Not death itself as in dying but death as in the way you will die. Like people who are afraid of sharp things, their worst fear might be being stabbed with a knife and dying or people who are afraid of water, theirs might be drowning. I dont think anybody is really afraid of actual dying, i think it is more how much they think it will hurt. Pain scares people. Some people spend their whole lives being afraid of a painful death. Pain can be controlled though, you just have to know how to cut it off. Its amazing of all the things that scare me death is what I fear the least. We live in a world that promotes fear, because people will do things when they are afraid. If someone annonces that murders have gone up in a certain suburb because of unfit security, people will go and buy the 'better' security. Take y2k for example. People believed that our whole system was about to crash so they went out and bought their supplies. Its silly. You shouldnt have to live your whole life being afraid of things because someone says they are dangerous. We take risks everyday. When we sleep, we risk suffocating ourselve on our pillows. When we get up we risk falling out of bed and breaking our necks. When we eat, we risk choking to death on our food. When we drive, we risk getting into a smash up. When we walk, we risk falling in a hole and breaking our legs or something like that. When we do anything there is always a risk. But how often do the risks become reality? Not very often.


Life runs through your veins. It pumps in your blood like the force of falling a great distance in a short time. Its an overwhelming feeling. I wish I could feel that life again. Just once more. Just one bit of something to hold on to. So many emotions have clouded my vision of what used to matter. Nothing matters anymore, and I hate it. Everything I used to have is gone. Everything that made me happy I no longer have. Everyone I used to care about have decayed. I dont want them to be the way they are, and I dont want to become like them. Broken souls. I just want to feel that life again. What takes that life away from you? People. People take away your pride, your soul. And they dont even need to physically do anything to you to achieve this, they use looks or words or sniggers. Hurtful words that they pound into your head everyday. Soon you begin to believe what they say, you believe you are nothing, you believe everything that they tell you. And the more you tell people what they are doing to you, the less they believe you. Soon enough you find your world crumbling around you. You cant control anything that happens because your too messed up to do anything. You live everyday, not because you want to, but because you have to. You just want to die. You want all the pain to end. You dont want to be called nothing again, or be told you are not good enough. You dont want to be called a looser or ugly or a fat bitch or a slut. You dont like these names. They hurt. They hurt your heart. Your heart constantly hurts. But nobody seems to care. Nobody seems to see. The people who see it the least are the ones who inflict the pain. They dont understand what you have to go through they just think its funny. You can only take so much shit. The names are punded into you everyday. That changes you. You lose hope in yourself. These are the people that will make you feel like this the rest of your life. Even if you never see them again. These are the type of people that make life trivial.

BrOkEn AnD sOuLlEsS

I showed you my face... but that was never enough for you, so I left you with my bleeding heart.